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Monday, September 21, 2015

What do I bring to a crop or retreat?

Going to a day crop or a retreat?  What do I bring?  Don't worry we got you covered!

Of course the utmost important thing to remember to bring your photos

I'd highly recommend trying to Power layout before hand. This allows you to bring minimal supplies and not searching for that perfect paper to make the most of your time. 
Power layout is where you pre-plan your pages by take your photos, papers, embellishments and lay them on guides or between pages the way you would want to scrapbook them. I'd recommend that you don't crop photos or make them shapes prior as they might not work when you are inspired by other scrapbookers, tools or product that would be available at the event. This process will allow you at anytime pick up your power layout and go to any event whether it's a day crop or 3 day weekend retreat.  This will help you be more organized.

Of course you don't have to do this before going to any event, if you want to pack the SUV, mini van or car with everything you can, then go for it!
SUPPLIES: Adhesives, scissors, paper trimmers, embellishments, pens for journaling, templates, paper & card stock. I like bringing POST IT NOTES to jot notes down to remind yourself afterwards. Tools you bring should be labeled. 

Seat cushion for your chair
- Laptop or tablet
- Power strip and extension cord
- Desktop light if lighting is poor
- Don’t forget your camera too! Got to scrapbook this event to?

-Bring your own toiletries (towel, wash cloth, hair brush, toothbrush, tooth paste, 
 deodorant, medication,  hair tie, make up??) 
-Your pillow, sheet & blanket or sleeping bag if not at a hotel
-Warm and cool clothing (Temperatures in AM and night can be chilly and warm up during the day.) and PJ’s
-Sweater/Sweatshirt for crop area as it gets cold sometimes
-fuzzy socks/slippers

You should check with your Advisor to see if they will have particular tools so you don't have to take as much. If you need specific products, check with your Advisor ahead of time to make sure they will have all you desire.  

Most of all remember these events many times are time for us to socialize too and share laughs.  So enjoy this time even if you don't get much scrapped.

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