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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Anyone need a Limo?

Your Limousine awaits you!!

Do you have Prom photos?  Wedding photos? Bachelorette party photos?
This would be a fun embellishment to add to your page!

I used the same concept as the bus using the Creative Memories Border Maker System along with the  Film Strip Border Maker Cartridge to make this border.  You can find it for sale on my website http://www.creativememories.com/user/CandaceBouldin

Use punch and cut out a complete filmstrip, you'll use as later as a guide/template. If your doing a white limo like pictured I'd cut out a black to be able to see to line up and vice versa.

I used a 5" white paper to be able to have it stay in place with magnetic strip, skip the first punch notch and then only punch three times (total of 6 squares) Take the paper out and cut a 1" space out. This allows for you to be able to slide paper up to punch out 1 "window" on the limo. Take the black prior cut out strip and place it on blue flip out area.  Then take cut out 3 punched white paper and line it up to only cut out 1 window and secure with magnetic strip. Flip down to cut out. 
You should have a strip that looks like this. I used scissors to cut middle bracket off in middle two windows.  I then used scissors to cut ends off the area to make trunk and hood .  I used CM 1'' circle punch to make the wheels on the limo, you'll need to cut out two circles for the wheels. For the inner part of the wheel I used Bubbles Border maker cartridge to punch out circles as the 1/4" CM punch was to big for the look.  I also used the Bubble Maker cartridge to make the red lights and headlight. The tail light and headlight I cut the bubble in half to achieve the look.  I then cut out 1 strips of black paper equal in size to make the line/trim on the limo.  I took a sliver piece of paper and punched out once with filmstrip cartridge to use to pieces make door handles and trim on windows. Mat a black paper behind limo and then to front window I used a panel from black guide and round it to look like a windshield.

Would you use this for one of your pages?  Please leave a comment of what you thought of this?

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