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Friday, August 14, 2015

Filmstrip Fences??

 Made with 
Border Maker system and Filmstrip cartridge.

Ok I have to confess if you haven't noticed by my blog that I'm obsessed with this punch!!

How cute would these be for a new home page with picket fence or a farm fence, rodeo pen cage.  Oh the possibilities are endless. Love the "spooky" fence for a Halloween page.

To make fences like this you cut out two filmstrip.  On one strip cut off the top of film strip leaving the vertical brackets, I used scissors to do this, when I used trimmer it was never even.  Then you place that layer on the middle of the other filmstrip border with brackets of the frame sticking up.

For "Spooky" fence (you could title whatever you'd like, I only had the word Spooky already cut but a title like Trick or Treating would be fun!

I cut a black piece of paper 2 5/8" then I punched both side with the filmstrip punch. 
Then I cut out 2 more filmstrips and cut like directions above to layer in center of bracket area.
For the point look I didn't trim paper true to filmstrip I made cut 1/2" and took scissors and cut in on angle to make point.

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Let me know which one's your favorite fence?  Love to hear how you plan on using them. 

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