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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas Advent Calendar with Creative Memories the NEW Christmas Joy products

Christmas is only 35 days away.
Are you ready to count down the days to Christmas? 
If not, let me help you by showing you how you can make 
this cute simple Advent countdown before Christmas.
To make this project you will need:

I used ink from former Creative Memories line to ink edges of cardboard because the cardboard will be a bit larger than your paper.  If you don't have this ink you can purchase/use any ink. If you do not have any ink, you can choose to trim up the cardboard. You will need a piece of ribbon 40" inches in length to hang the calendar up. I used the stapler to staple the ribbon onto the cardboard, like pictured above.
This will not show, as you will cover with paper.

To help keep the kids engaged on counting down the days, I made this Santa Claus. He is from the Christmas Joy Sticker (3/pk).  He has a sticky back, so you will need to mount a paper to it to make it not sticky, otherwise it will catch on your paper. I use a large paperclip and I attached it to the sticky part of the Santa Claus. Then from the Shades of Red paper pack cut a 3"x 3 1/2" piece of paper. Place the paper between the sticker and the paper clip.  Cut a slit in the red paper to be able to slide the paper clip behind to have the whole back of Santa mounted with red paper and to hold the paper clip in place.

Use  your Creative Memories Scissors trim around the Santa Claus. 

With little fingers, you might want to laminate Santa to last longer?
I used the Christmas of Joy Paper pack, Christmas Joy Slide-in Pack and Christmas Joy Stickers to create this Advent Calendar. Use the 2 green polka dotted paper from Christmas Joy Paper pack for your base. Use your Creative Memories Tape Runner and attach each sheet to the cardboard backer. With same paper pack you will find the holly leaves border that you will use at top and bottom. They are on the Christmas of Joy page with 8 multiple borders on it. They’ve been designed so you can simply slice each of them apart into 8 separate 1.5″ sections like this:

Using the one page with numbers on the Christmas Joy Paper pack, cut numbers out all the numbers to use for countdown numbers.  I used the Square on the Shape Maker System and I cut out 5 squares in Shades of Red Paper pack for the calendar numbers 3, 5, 12, 18, and 25. Trim up numbers to allow red border show when mounting on front of the squares.  Then using Shades of Green paper pack, cut out 4 squares. Trim up and mount numbers 8, 16, and 24 to green squares with Creative Memories Tape Runner.  Numbers 1, 10, 14, and 21 cut out squares from the Happy Holidays card and Ornament from the Christmas Joy Slide-in pack (24 cards).  Then trim up numbers and attach with Creative Memories Tape Runner. I would suggest taking all the numbers and mounting them on card stock to make them sturdier when moving Santa from day to day.

Use the second sheet with numbers on front and the cranberry red stripes, cut a 5/8" inch strip. Attach this to the bottom of first cardboard square. Be careful to make sure this strip is cut the same angle as the stripes on the holly leave border.

Using the Christmas Joy Silde-In pack find the vertical Santa Clause Is Coming to town card and trim up like example. This needs to be trimmed up close to fit at top left corner. I used the remainder of  the cranberry strip red paper to mat and trim to add border.  Then find the vertical It's Begging to Look a Lot Like Christmas card and trim off the top and bottom of rep stripes, leaving a 1/8" border of red.  One of these trimmed pieces, you will mount the sticker with word DECEMBER from the Christmas Joy stickers. Using all these elements lay them out on the green polka-dotted sheets, like example shown above.

Use your Creative Memories Tape Runner, run tape around only three sides of back side of numbered card stock squares, like pictured below. You only want tape on three sides to allow the top opened to place Santa in.

The ornament under the number 20, the word NOEL, the Large Christmas tree at bottom and the Naughty and Nice ornaments are all stickers from Christmas Joy sticker pack. Place them on the the green polka-dotted in spaces as the example shows.  The Christmas tree on white square, under the number 12 is from the numbers page.

The Merry Christmas at bottom is a sticker too. I mounted that on the cranberry red strip paper because it is sticky and then using Creative Memories Scissors I trimmed closely, to not see paper. Use pop up dots and attach to the border.

If you want to add more to this, you could slip a piece of paper behind the numbers and have activities that the kids would pull out and then move Santa into it's place.  Here is some ways activities you could add:
Deck the halls!
Write letters to Santa
Take photos for Christmas cards
Buy a new Christmas album and listen to it

Make paper chain garlands
String pop corn
Make a Family Handprint Christmas Tree
Make the house smell like Christmas
Make Christmas Cards
Read a Christmas Story Book
Wrap Christmas Gifts
Make a new Christmas Decoration

Take gifts to teachers and friends
Red or Green night….Serve food in these colors, decorate the table in these colors
Color a Christmas picture
Build a snowman or hang up paper snowflakes
Make hot chocolate and stir with candy canes
Make a treat and take it to a friend
Watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn
Go out for a Christmas treat
Do something nice for someone

Build a Ginger bread house
Go visit Santa Clause
Do service for someone in need
Have a camp-out or game night in front of the Christmas tree
Call grandma and grandpa and sing a Christmas song

Drive around and look for Christmas lights
Make cookies and write letters for Santa Clause
Read "The Night Before Christmas"
25th - Christmas!!!

For more information about these GREAT Creative Memories products used in this project you can fins on my website www.creativememories.com/user/CandaceBouldin  Of course, if you don't already have a Creative Memories Advisor, I'd be love to be your personal Creative Memories Advisor.  If you'd like to join my team and earn products like these at discount, click on this link to Join my team! Or ask my how!

I hope you enjoyed this project. Comment below and let me know what you think!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Christmas Blog Stop #6 Using your Creative Memories tools

Welcome to the Christmas Blog Hop!  
You are at "Train" stop #6 Woot! Woot!

Are you ready to hop on board Santa's train and learn some fun ways you can use your tools to make embellishments to 
"Deck the pages"?

This cute train border was created using the following Creative Memories products
  • Filmstrip Border Maker Cartridge
  • Bubbles Maker Border Maker Cartridge
  • 2 way Corner Rounder
  • Blossom Place n Punch maker (Warehouse finds tab)
  • Hexagon Place n Punch maker (Warehouse finds tab)
  • Shape Maker System (Warehouse finds tab)
  • Circle Tag maker (Warehouse finds tab
  • Shades of Red and Green Paper Pack
  • Shades of Green Paper Pack
  • Fall In Paper Pack
  • Look on the Bright Side Paper Pack
  • Black & White solid card stack (Going Gone tab) 
  • Christmas Joy Paper Pack
  • Christmas Joy Stickers 3/pack

For the train base, I cut a piece of paper 4" x 3" and then place in the Filmstrip border maker cartridge and punch once, leaving 2 "windows".  Take a ruler and line it up with bottom of the negative space from the punch, like photo to right and draw a straight line. Negative Space is area that the punch would cut out, many would call it "left overs" but they are GOODIES to me! Then draw an angle to make top of train. Use your scissors and cut the lines. After you cut, use corner rounder to round the nose of the train. Take the Hexagon Place n Punch and cut out a hexagon
and cut it as pictured here. The top piece will be your smoke stack and the bottom piece goes on nose of train. I used the black "negative" piece from Filmstrip border maker system for the stack. Use your Shape Maker Circle Punch to make the big wheel on the train. The inner of the big wheel is center of the Circle tag maker. Then take black paper and the Circle Tag Maker and cut out the center of Circle Tag Maker punch to make the little wheels on train and boxcars. Take the outer frame from Circle Tag Maker and use it for the nose curve. I used the Filmstrip Border Maker System to create the "chains" on the wheels. On the small wheels, I used the Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge and used the largest circle negative space that was cut out.

For the train boxcars, I again used the Filmstrip Border Maker System and punched out green and red boxcar.  Punch green paper three times so you will be able to make two boxcars. Use trimmer to trim at angle to shape the boxcars. Do the same with the red. Photo left shows how I shaped the boxcar.  To make the boxcar wheels I used the Circle Tag maker make a punch. Cut out the center for wheels and use Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge and use the largest circles left from punching out. You'll need total of 8 of these. I used the Christmas Joy Stickers on the train body and for the inner wheel of the large train wheel. For the miscellaneous gifts, I used Christmas Joy Paper pack, Look on the Bright Side Paper pack, and the Fall In Paper pack. They make it more festive. I used the new Evergreen "Tree" Border Maker Cartridge for the tree in the boxcars. Along with the Diamond Scroll Marker Cartridge for the candy canes in the cars.

To make Santa head, I used the Blossom Place n Punch to Maker for
beard. You'll use one punch for the base and trim another punch like shown for the top layer of the beard. I used the inner part of the Circle Tag maker for the face. The cheeks are from Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge.  The rim of the hat, I also used Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge. I took the Shape Maker System used circle punch to make base of hat and cut the top part off.  The glove I made using Blossom Place n Punch and cut out like above in photo on right.

 I LOVE playing with my punches!! I made this cute Reindeer using the Shape Maker System Circle punch. Cut out a circle then put circle back into punch and trim it up to make it oval for the body. Then I used the inner of the Circle Tag maker for the head and the outer circle for the antlers. I used the Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge for the eyes and nose. I used a pop up dot for nose.

You say WOW this is too hard for me, I need something easy.  How about some simple Holly Leaves??  To make these you need the Shape Maker System Cut out squares from Shades of Green paper then change out your punch to the Circle. Take Circle punch and cut corners of paper like above like shown in photo. I used Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge for Holly berries. For the red "title" box I used the 2-way Corner rounder and used reverse-curve to create corners.

The Christmas tree and Angel and made mostly with  Blossom Place n Punch maker. Cut white punch for the wings and cut it in half. Then cut out a yellow punch for the hair.  I used the inner of the Circle Tag maker to cut out the face. Place hair on top and trim around the circle for bangs. The inner half circle from cut out, I used Silver Metallic pen and colored it for halo.  For the tree, I used Blossom Place n Punch maker and layered them to look like a tree. I used the negative of the Filmstrip Border Maker Cartridge for the tree trunk and the negative of the Star Border Marker Cartridge for star.

Are you planning on decorating the tree this year?  Wouldn't these cute ornaments be beautiful adorning the top of your page? I used the Square on Shape Maker System and then used the 2-Way corner rounder to round only two sides.
I decorated the ornaments differently based on scraps I had. The center of the Santa is the Filmstrip Cartridge and for the last ornament I cut out a punch with Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge and then used Shape Maker Square to cut out a square. I layered a green scrap behind it and then cut out green bubbles with Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge and glued bubbles on upper part. For the tops of the ornaments, I used the Circle Tag maker and cut with scissors to give the look. Then use the negative of Circle Tag maker cut for black "hooks".

You don't have to limit you tools to just Scrapbooking!  
How special would your gift be with cute Christmas tags like these?? 
I cut paper 2"x3" for tags. I used Shape Maker System square to make top look slanted like a tag and used hole punch to make hole.   Tag #1: Use Evergreen Border Cartridge and then layered negative space of Picket Fence white piece over Evergreen punch.  Tag #2: For the ornament, I used the Circle Tag maker and cut out the center. I layered the Evergreen punch, cutting out white and green trees and added black behind them.  I used the Silver Metallic pen and hand drew on stars on the black paper. For the bubbles at bottom, I used a negative scrap of Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge and colored the circles on the bottom with a Silver Metallic pen. Tag #3: Take negative from the Picket Fence Border Cartridge and layer white and red for the Chevron look at bottom of tag. I layered the opposite to form pattern at top. Then add the Evergreen Border Cartridge for trees Tag #4: I used the inner of the Circle Tag maker to make the Snowman Head and the Circle from Shape Maker System for the body.  The hat was made using the negative from the Filmstrip Border Maker Cartridge. Then use the inside of the Circle Tag maker for the scarf. The eyes are from Bubbles Maker System Cartridge.  Tag #5: The ornament is the Circle Tag maker, cut out inner. Take a red paper and punch it with the Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge and then layer a green piece of paper behind red punch out. I used scissors to trim red paper so it was not seen sticking out behind the circle. I used the negative of Circle Tag maker for the green half circle at top. The bottom is negative of Picket Fence Cartridge and layer on top of 2"x3" tag  

I used the Border Maker System Picket Fence Cartridge to make the Santa and Elf tag. Take the Picket Fence Cartridge and cut out a red punch then trim them up to to be 2" wide and 3" tall. Use the Square Shape Maker System punch and trim the top to give it a "tag" look. Then weave a black paper through picket fence for the "belt". Use the negative of the Picket Fence punch for the white fur and use the Blossom Place n Punch for the beard. Take a scrap piece of white and colored with Silver Metallic pen for buckle and added black strip of paper on top.  Use a hole punch for tag. For the Elf use Picket fence and cut a red punch, then use Square Shape Maker and insert Picket Fence cut out and punch to make it square. Then weave a strip of green paper through Picket Fence.  Then cut a tag 2" x 3" out of Shades of Green and take the Square Shape Maker System punch and trim the top to give it a "tag" look. Then mount the red Picket Fence square on top. Add the red negative space from Picket Fence Cartridge to the top of the square. Use the Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge for buttons.
For more information about these GREAT Creative Memories products used in today blog, please visit my website. www.creativememories.com/user/CandaceBouldin
Of course, if you don't already have a Creative Memories Advisor, I'd be love to be your personal Creative Memories Advisor.  If you'd like to join my team and earn products like these at discount, click on this link to Join my team! 
Or ask my how!

Thanks for stopping by!   The fun continues over at Julie Tambrini blog, she is the next stop on our CM Christmas Blog Hop!  

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Let it Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow with flurries of FUN Christmas Borders made with Creative Memories products

Let it Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow! 
because you can't make a Snowman ⛄ without Snow??  
Or can you?
Wouldn't this make a adorable border for a page?
Using the Circle Tag maker I made the base of the Snowman and the green for his scarf. For the face, I used the larger circle from the Bubble Maker Border Cartridge and drew on face with Black Dual- Tip pen.  The hat I used 2 of the negative of the Filmstrip Border Maker Cartridge and cut it as pictured below.  The scarf was made with negative space of the Circle Tag Shape Maker found under Warehouse Finds. The snowflake background paper is from the NEW Christmas of Joy paper pack.
Using the NEW Evergreen "Tree" Border Maker Cartridge cut out one row of white trees and one row of green trees, then layer the green on top of the white. This gives it a snow like effect on the trees. I used the negative from the Medallion Frame Chain Cartridge to make the snow mound look behind the Snowman and place the four Snowmen on top.

 I LVE these Snowflakes
They are so easy to make with the Diamond Scroll Border Maker Cartridge.

Take the Diamond Scroll Border Maker Cartridge and punch out a border. Then take your scissors and cut out the center of border, like photoed to right. When I cut, I cut on angle to make the ends pointed. I then layered 4 of them on top of each other with the diamonds matching up in the center. I use the Christmas of Joy stickers for the center of the snowflakes.  The stickers are in a row of three snowflakes together on the strip with Santa on it, right under the 24th sticker.  Using my scissors I cut them in circles and placed on top.  Simple trick but looks so elegant.  If your a glitter person you could use Silver Metallic pen or Stickles and bling them up.

HO HO HO Merry Christmas!
For this page I use the Film Strip Border Maker Cartridge to make the H's, use scissors to cut border to look like H's. To make the O's I used the Circle Tag Shape Maker Cartridge. Using the shades of red paper I inserted it into the Border maker system using the Picket Fence cartridge that comes with system to create Santa's belt- fringe. Punch the bottom of the page with cartridge. Then cut a black strip to weave through the Film Strip Border Maker Cartridge punch. Using a scrap piece of white I cut a 1" x 11/8" rectangle to use for the buckle. Then take your Silver Metallic pen and color the buckle. I then took the negative space from the Filmstrip Border Maker Cartridge for the middle of the belt buckle. The Merry Christmas strip under the HO HO HO is from the Christmas Joy stickers.

Happy Holidays sign I use the Filmstrip Border Maker Cartridge punch out four "windows". Then mount the Happy Holidays sticker from the Christmas Joy stickers at the top of the of the dotted line. Use scissors and cut the bottom part of the Filmstrip away to make the "post". Trim off the edge  and give the banner look to the sign.  Use your  Evergreen  Border Maker cartridge and punch out one strip of trees. From the Christmas of Joy paper pack I cut out a thin strip to mount under the trees.

For the second border, the Candy Cane border, I took the Shade of Red paper pack and the Picket Fence from the Original Border Maker System and cut out a border in red. Then I used the Diamond Scroll Border Maker Cartridge and cut out a white strip. Using scissors cut away the bottom so it looks like candy canes. 
Then from the Christmas of Joy sticker pack I used the candy cane looking sticker and mounted it to a piece of paper. It could be any color, as it won't show because it will be trimmed up and only used to stick the sticker on the paper. This gives it the Candy Cane stripe look. Alternatively, you could mount it on red and cut a little bigger strip because the candy cane sticker does NOT fill the whole space behind the white strip that you are trying to make look like candy cane. Don't be alarmed that you have small spacing above and below if you choose to keep it simple. Ensure to firmly adhere the white paper onto the candy cane strip. The pieces are very delicate and can rip easily when weaving it through the Picket Fence border.  Then I used the extra pieces of the striped candy cane for Christmas of Joy ssticker for the bottom of the border.

Please share with me what is your favorite and Thank You for stopping by!

You can order all of these great product on my website 

Monday, November 2, 2015

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