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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cruise Ship with Creative Memories Border Maker System and Filmstrip Cartridge

Welcome Board and get ready to sail with this splashingly fun border!

This border was created by using 
Creative Memories Border Maker System the Filmstrip Cartridge 
and bubble maker punch

First I started out with the base. I used a 2" x 12" strip of white paper and cut it as pictured below.

I then started to build layers of the "decks".   Bottom layer used a 3"-2.5" piece, depends   on how big you want this area to add the title of cruise ship. I used the filmstrip cartridge    and punched out a full filmstrip and then flipped over paper and punched the other side 
of the paper.I then cut out another piece the same way with less space for top of ship.   
(I believe I use 2" this step) Then I cut one more border out and cut it up and layered it like I did in prior post of how to make the fences. (See here if you need more instructions Filmstrip Fence)
I cut out one more filmstrip and just used one punch out side to create "windows" in the hull of the boat. I backed it with black paper, cut the black paper larger than strip to make the "pin strip" for the bottom.

Backed all layers with black paper, using scissors to trim windows to make it a staggered effect.  I used the bubble maker punch and punched out black circle to make the perfect 

port hole windows at bottom. I cut a thin strip of red to make upper pin strip.  
I then took a black triangle and cut it like this to make the "stack"
Then I added another thin red strip to top.  To make the Mickey ears
I used the bubble maker cartridge with red paper I punched out bubbles with cartridge and made the ears by piecing together and attaching.
The wave border was made with a previous border punch that CM use 
to carry.  If you don't have that cartridge your welcome to use mine to make the border POP!  

I used the new Look on the bright side paper pack
to create the background of the page. The cute chevron border on top is from that pack.

Where are you setting of to Cruise next?
This page would be a great addition to our new Now Boarding Fast 2 Fab Album
 Bon Voyage!!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Easter Borders with Creative Memories Border Maker System and Filmstrip Cartridge

Do you have Easter photos and you never know how to make cute borders for your pages?  

For me I struggle with Easter pages.  I think it's because I have a boy and girl so it can't be really "girlie" looking.  While playing with Creative Memories Border Maker System I came up with these borders using the Picket fence cartridge included with the border maker. 

I used the Filmstrip punch and cut the "Grass Green" paper, former CM paper, if you have some because you never had a way to use it? I weaved a solid green paper through punched border. Turning it on it's side looked like grass.  I cut out a solid green with picket fence and the extra zig zag pieces I glued to the bottom edge of weaved paper giving it a repeating look of grass like top.

Since I cut the green out to use for top border I thought of using the extra grass paper to weave the opposite way as done for top border.  Then I cut out another small strip and cut it with scissors to look like grass and layered it on top to give more depth.  I used former CM Easter stickers to embellish the borders.

I added the fence behind the first border that I made with Filmstrip cartridge in a prior post you can see how to make it here Filmstrip Fences,

Which one is your Favorite border??

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CROPTOBERFEST 2015 - ~New Dates Oct. 23rd through Oct 25th in Sedona AZ~

Good Wednesday morning to you!! I just got word that the date of Oct. 23rd -25th opened up at the Dome home in Sedona, AZ so we are going to move Croptoberfest up there in beautiful cool red rocks.   The hotel Oct 2nd date conflicted with many's Fall Break schedules.

I hope the NEW date will work better and great news it's only $80 for the WHOLE weekend!
Include you own 6' table space and comfie twin bed for two night and three days.

Food is NOT included but we will have 2 people that are sign up/assigned to provide a meal while there (6 meals total. Dinner Friday, 3 meals on Saturday and Breakfast and lunch on Sunday)

Please fill out the registration form and mail it back ASAP - only have space left for 11 more.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Anyone need a Limo?

Your Limousine awaits you!!

Do you have Prom photos?  Wedding photos? Bachelorette party photos?
This would be a fun embellishment to add to your page!

I used the same concept as the bus using the Creative Memories Border Maker System along with the  Film Strip Border Maker Cartridge to make this border.  You can find it for sale on my website http://www.creativememories.com/user/CandaceBouldin

Use punch and cut out a complete filmstrip, you'll use as later as a guide/template. If your doing a white limo like pictured I'd cut out a black to be able to see to line up and vice versa.

I used a 5" white paper to be able to have it stay in place with magnetic strip, skip the first punch notch and then only punch three times (total of 6 squares) Take the paper out and cut a 1" space out. This allows for you to be able to slide paper up to punch out 1 "window" on the limo. Take the black prior cut out strip and place it on blue flip out area.  Then take cut out 3 punched white paper and line it up to only cut out 1 window and secure with magnetic strip. Flip down to cut out. 
You should have a strip that looks like this. I used scissors to cut middle bracket off in middle two windows.  I then used scissors to cut ends off the area to make trunk and hood .  I used CM 1'' circle punch to make the wheels on the limo, you'll need to cut out two circles for the wheels. For the inner part of the wheel I used Bubbles Border maker cartridge to punch out circles as the 1/4" CM punch was to big for the look.  I also used the Bubble Maker cartridge to make the red lights and headlight. The tail light and headlight I cut the bubble in half to achieve the look.  I then cut out 1 strips of black paper equal in size to make the line/trim on the limo.  I took a sliver piece of paper and punched out once with filmstrip cartridge to use to pieces make door handles and trim on windows. Mat a black paper behind limo and then to front window I used a panel from black guide and round it to look like a windshield.

Would you use this for one of your pages?  Please leave a comment of what you thought of this?

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Filmstrip Fences??

 Made with 
Border Maker system and Filmstrip cartridge.

Ok I have to confess if you haven't noticed by my blog that I'm obsessed with this punch!!

How cute would these be for a new home page with picket fence or a farm fence, rodeo pen cage.  Oh the possibilities are endless. Love the "spooky" fence for a Halloween page.

To make fences like this you cut out two filmstrip.  On one strip cut off the top of film strip leaving the vertical brackets, I used scissors to do this, when I used trimmer it was never even.  Then you place that layer on the middle of the other filmstrip border with brackets of the frame sticking up.

For "Spooky" fence (you could title whatever you'd like, I only had the word Spooky already cut but a title like Trick or Treating would be fun!

I cut a black piece of paper 2 5/8" then I punched both side with the filmstrip punch. 
Then I cut out 2 more filmstrips and cut like directions above to layer in center of bracket area.
For the point look I didn't trim paper true to filmstrip I made cut 1/2" and took scissors and cut in on angle to make point.

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Let me know which one's your favorite fence?  Love to hear how you plan on using them. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back to School Time!

It's Back to School time and that means time for you to scrapbook your child's first day of school?
Would this not be the cutest back to school border?
My teen daughter agrees this is the cutest border ever. That's a BIG compliment to me from her!

I used Creative Memories Border Maker System with the  Film Strip Border Maker Cartridge to make this border.  Have I not said how in LOVE I am with the system??  You can find it for sale on my website http://www.creativememories.com/user/CandaceBouldin

I used a 5" yellow paper to be able to have it stay in place with magnetic strip, run punch along the system and only punch five times (total of 8 squares) Take the paper out and cut a 1" space out 2" below the already cut out punch (See Photo - Left) This allows for you to be able to slide paper up to punch out the last 3 "windows" on the bus. 

Photo left shows how I used another punched out strip to line the paper up to only cut 3 of the 4 windows out. If you put paper to bottom you won't have the blank space to create the cab of the bus.

Above shows how I cut out a square 3/4'' x 3/4" with scissors.  Then I used my Corner Rounder to round the edges, it will be a little tricky to get it in there but you don't want to put it all the way in otherwise your corner will be to rounded. I then cut out 2 strips of black paper equal in size to make the lines/stripes on the bus. Make sure you line the strips up with last "window pane" punch to make the front end of the bus and allow for tire.  I used CM 1'' circle punch to make the wheels on the bus, you'll need to cut out two circles for the wheels. For the inner part of the wheel I used Bubbles Border maker cartridge to punch out circles as the 1/4" CM punch was to big for the look.  I also used the Bubble Maker cartridge to make the red lights and headlight. The tail light and headlight I cut the bubble in half to achieve the look. 

I hope you found this a fun border to make and a new way to use this punch. Please leave a comment of what you thought of this? 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Calling all Disney Lovers!

Are you a Disney Lover?  Always looking for new way to add embellishments to your page so it has a fresh look? Well wait no longer!! 

Today I created this cute border with Creative Memories Border Maker System.

I used the  Picket Fence Cartridge comes with system and cut edges of red 12x12 paper.
Then I took the Bubble Border Maker Cartridge cut out the border and then used 1/4" hole punch to cut out and make ears in red bubble border.

This is piece I cut off

Line cut on magnetic
strip like this.

 Last I used the Filmstrip Border Maker Cartridge you'll need to cut a piece of white paper into 2 1/2" strip, cut border and then trim off outer edge and bracket off.

Place dots side piece of paper in system on edge of 
magnetic strip cut out border.

now for these amazing products!

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Dream BIG Promotion with Creative Memories

Dream BIG Promotion ~ August 11-18

Your gonna LOVE this!!

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 at 9 a.m. CT), with each $100 order, you will receive over $25 in dreamy FREE products!

The Dream Big free gifts include:
• Pastel Embellishment Pack (30 paper flowers and 40 gems)
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• Dream Layered Stickers (2/pk)

To redeem:
• When the retail product total reaches $100, you will see a large notice and image when you visit the View Cart page.
• Click on Add to Cart to have the free gift applied to your order.
• You will see the collection of free gifts included with the other products in your Cart, showing a price of $0.00

Go to my website www.creativememories.com/user/CandaceBouldin

This would be a good time to stock up on your albums needed? Tell me what you think of the sale?

One free gift per ORDER. Customers may place as many qualifying orders as they wish during the promotion period. Promotion ends 11:59 p.m. CT Tuesday, August 18. Substitutions of equal or greater value may apply. 

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Place an order of $501 you can get this all this FREE and your shipping would be FREE too! 
  • Sleek White EveryDay Magnetic Display (+ six white magnets)
  • Dream 12x12 Specialty Paper Pack (11/pk)
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  • Dream Big Simply Said Book
        PLUS two flowers & rhinestones packs!

  • Pastel Embellishment Pack (30 paper flowers, 40 gems)
  • Spring Flower & Sparkle Embellishment Pack (36 paper flowers, 40 gems) 

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mickey Mouse borders using Creative Memories Border Maker System

Friday I got the new bubble maker cartridge in the mail and today I got to play with it and a couple other of my tools.  I love all the concepts added together.  How about you?  Do you see adding these punches to your collection??

#ScrapinJpegs #CandaceBouldin #CreativeMemories #BorderMakerSystem

Shop here for the Border Maker System and Cartridges and Neutral Paper Pack

Tools Used:
-Creative Memories Border Maker System
-Filmstrip Border Maker Cartridge
-Bubble Border Maker Cartridge
(Used 1/4" hole punch to cut out and make ears in red bubble border)
-12-inch Rotary Trimmer with Deckle blade to Make trim at bottom of border
  and then make red strips
-Creative Memories Neutral Paper Pack

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Film Strip Punch from Creative Memories meet Hollywood!

Oh I'm so excited I got the new filmstrip punch in and I got to play with it!! <3 
It worked so great for our trip to Hollywood Blvd.  I used the Neutral Paper Pack and some older CM gold paper (I hope they bring back)  I took the Filmstrip punch in CM border maker to make the border on top and bottom and then took cut out the space behind the photo's to give me the black and white striped paper to mat the pictures with and fill in the filmstrip border with every other one. I used the filmstrip punch to punch the top and the bottom of the photos to make them look a negative.  I use the old CM star punch for little stars and used the Cricut to Plantin SchoolBook to cut larger stars.

Supplies needed:
Neutral Paper Pack
Film Strip Border Maker Cartridge 
(If you don't have the border maker you can purchase that HERE )
I used Cricut to cut out Hollywood but the CM ABC's would worked better http://www.creativememories.com/shop-all/decorative/stickers.html

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Tell me what you think of it??

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back 2 School Time!

I wasn't going to share this on here but I did on another FB group and got tons of teachers that liked this idea to put up in their classroom, even though we did it for my daughter, who's going into 9th grade, binder cover. It was even discussed that you could cut it out of vinyl too. Wouldn't it be cute to put in a frame and hang up in classroom?

This project we used 5 star Mead notebook we got at Target. The cover insert was 13" x 8" We used 12 x 12 paper and cut 4" off, we then used the extra cut off to add to top making it 13". We used the Creative Memories Border Maker to make this white border, Heritage Makers (aka Our Memories For Life) punch the Scalloped shells made the cute pattern. Yes, you heard right the OMFL punches fits in the CM system and they are coming out with some cute new punches.
Hard to see but she adding bling to the center of each of the shell design.

The word "Schedule" was made using Cricut cartridge Calligraphy collection and "classes" we used Base Camp cartridge. The tiny writing of times and teacher my beautiful daughter hand wrote with white paint pen.  We were going to cut that out too but she was done doing letters. But I think it turned out cuter with her hand writing anyways.  We tried two different transfer tapes but it was ripping the paper.  We found putting letters through Xyron worked better because one you could reposition the letters and two it was tedious to glue each individual letter. We added more bling to all the dots of "i's". Finished it off with cute flowers on top.

Happy Creating and make it a great school year! 📚

CM Border Punch can be found at my website CM Border maker
OMFL Scallop punch cand be found at OMFL Scalloped Shell Punch

Punches coming this fall:
Bookmark this site or follow me for launch date http://www.heritagemakers.com/CandaceBouldin

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Get organized with CM Tool Organzier

I shared on my FB Page Scrapin' Jpegs with some examples of great uses for the new tool organizer  other than for the border maker. Overall dimensions are 15" x 9.5" x 4.5"

I was asked about the number of Cricut Cartridges it would hold?  
I measured a book and it's 7" long so you could get two rows of books/overlays side by side and put the cartridges below. 

The photo below shows you could get 14/16 books and overlays per side, totaling 28 to 32 cartridges. 

Thank you Mary Davenport for sharing a photo of her tool organizer and she writes "One section is 30 cartridges and 10 books and overlays in the other three sections. You probably get 5 more in if needed. In this example cartridges are numbered and overlay, and booklet to correspond with a page in a flexable notebook with copied the backs of cartridge to view at a glance."

I just love the flexibility of this product!  It retails for $39.50
How will use the Tool Organizer?

New Creative Memories Border Maker = FUN!

Have you tried the border maker from Creative Memories?   I'm loving it and can't wait to get my hands on the newest punches the filmstrip,  bubble maker and stars. You can take a look at them on my Creative Memories website http://www.creativememories.com/shop-all/tools.html
I had a booth at a retreat and the ladies got to make this patrotic make n take using the border maker and cartridge the picket fence which comes with the system.
I pre cut out the statues of Liberty ahead of time using Cricut (used silver pen to draw lines to bring out details - could use white pen) and the blue strips that they weaved through the cut out areas of punch.  The stars were cut out with CM punch. The edges were frayed by using CM tearing tool. Use CM bold tip pen to "ink" the edges of torn paper.  What will you create with it?