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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Winter blog hop with Creative Memories product Imagine That! The Skies the Limit

Welcome to blog stop six of our Winter Blog Hop.
Imagine That! Collection

With the winter being cold, I'm imagining the soaring over the skies seeing the world. Summers by the Sea; and Making Memories.

My customers have looked at the new Imagine That! Collection but tell me all the time "Candace, I can't use that collection. I don't have boys. I don't go to Disney. So I have no use for a castle." So I challenged myself of how you could use the embellishments differently? I saw a sand castle and the background as rocket ships or roof tops. I used them as rockets soaring over the clouds with Super Mom saving the day. You could even use these for a sky scraper, trim off the top and there you have sky scrappers.

Imagine That! Collection

Border #1 Super Mom

Step 1. Cut a border out with the Scallop Decorative Border punch with the blue Chevron patterned paper as the base. Using straight trimmer, trim paper at 1.5"
Step 2. Using the cloud paper and the smaller wave on the Double Waves Tearing Tool. Place tool on paper at 1" from top and tear.
Step 3. Using black polka dotted paper trim with straight trimmer at 1/4”
Step 4. Using Shooting be Stars punch stars from gold paper with "X's" on them.
(Note I found out stars on firework embellishments is the same size. So if you need more stars on your page. This punch is perfect match.)
Step 4. Take the "castle" embellishments and carefully pull the blue layer off black layer. This is your rocket ship. Adhere the superhero and add one of the rhinestone to the chest. I use the diamond one to make it pop. I also use the moon rhinestone for the opposite side.

Border #2 Smile

Step 1. Using the stripe paper and the smaller wave on the Double Waves Tearing Tool. Place tool on paper at 1"
Step 2. Trim with the blue Chevron paper 1/8"
Step 3. Trim the black polka dotted paper trim paper at 1/2"
Step 4. Trim camera print paper 1 1/4"
Step 5. In the variety mat pack there is a card with a camera on it and it says "Making Memories". Using your Creative Memories scissors cut out the camera and the words "Making Memories". Adhere them to the black polka dotted strip. Use a pop-up to pop up the camera. Embellish border with the jewels from the Imagine That! layered embellishments.

Border 3 Let's go to the Beach

Step 1. Tear the gold paper with the smaller wave on the Double Waves Tearing Tool at 1" from top and tear.
Step 2. Tear the blue Chevron paper with the larger wave on the Double Waves Tearing Tool at 1" from top and tear.
Step 3. Using straight trimmer, trim the black polka dotted paper at 3/16"
Step 4. Layer as shown in example.
Step 5. Adhere pop-up dots to the back of the blue Castle to make it stand out.
Step 6. Add pendant flag and gemstones from the Laird embellishment pack to complete the Border.

I hope you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this and this has inspired you to stretch your Imagination.

Heart Duet Border Maker Cartridge using pop-up dots on corner hearts.

You can find the Imagine That! collection and all the tools used to make these borders on my website at www.creativememories.com/user/CandaceBouldin. Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Creative borders using Maritime Collection from Creative Memories. Great for beach, sea, sailing and ocean Scrapbook pages

⚓AHOY! I made these borders with the Maritime collection paper, embellishments, laser die cuts and the Rolling Waves Border Maker cartridge from Creative Memories.⛵🐚🌊🦀

Border #1 AHOY
Cut 2 wave borders using the Rolling Waves Border Maker cartridge out of dark blue paper with ship wheels on it. Make sure you keep the thin strip of paper that is left behind. You will use that to put behind the wheel laser die cut.
Cut a 1" strip out of the white paper.
Assemble the border by using your Precision Point adhesive pen and on back side of ship wheel laser die cut, dot with glue to attach thin left over strips from the Rolling Wave border. Then attach that to white strip. Then with tape runner, tape the waves behind the white strip. From sticker sheet add the ship wheel in circle and take pop-up dots on the word "AHOY".

Border 2 Dreaming of the Sea
Cut out 2 wave borders using the Rolling Waves Border Maker cartridge. Make sure when you cut second wave that you flip your paper before you cut so you get pattern to line up because you'll need to flip border for them to line up. Cut a white cardstock strip 2" in length. Attach waves to strip with your tape runner. Making sure to flip so they look like a heart but when turned on a horizontal it looks like fish. 🐠 Use the pop-up dots and add to the back of the sticker worded "Dreaming of the Sea".

Border 3
I used border two as base and added the seaweed laser die cut on top. Embellish as pictured using the Maritime stickers.

You can find these products on my website www.creativememories.com/user/CandaceBouldin

Which is your favorite?
Thanks for looking!
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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Patriotic Summer Blog Hop Stop #5 Scrapbook Layout with Creative Memories Brave & Star-Spangled Paper Pack

🎆🎇Happy Fourth of July 🎆🎇
and welcome to stop #5 of our Summer Blog Hop.

The 4th stands for our Freedom and I thought what a great way to share my appreciation for our country being the home of the "free" because of the brave! 

My family and I went to the World War II museum in New Orleans and got to hear the stories of BRAVE soldiers who lost their lives for our freedom. We also met with Navajo Code Talkers from the war and heard of their survival stories in the War. The museum is a must see if you are in the area. We could have easily spent 2 days in there.

For this layout, you'll need the following products that you can find on my website www.CreativeMemories.com/user/CandaceBouldin
Star-Spangled Paper Pack
Brave Paper Pack
Cranberry Solid 12x12 Cardstock 
Original Border Maker System
Chevron Border Maker Cartridge
Scallop Dot Border Maker Cartridge
12" Straight trimmer
Creative Memories Scissors
White 12x12 plain pages
Tape Runner
Foam Squares

Using the Star patterned paper, with blue fireworks on reverse side, from the Star-Spangled Paper Pack, take a 12" Straight trimmer make a cut at 2", then another cut at 2", and then two cuts at 5/8". These will be the pieces you will use for the borders at left and right side. 

Using the Original Border Maker System and Cranberry Solid 12x12 Cardstock, punch out two borders with the Scallop Dot Border Maker Cartridge and one border with the Chevron Border Maker Cartridge.

Using the white 12x12 plain pages for your base or you could use a white card stock, take the one 2" strip and attach stars side up with tape runner to left side of page. Attach the scallop border butt up to 2" border, then attach the 5/8" blue strip on the top. Use your scissors and cut out 14 red stars from the remaining paper. Mount 5 blue stars with foam squares on the red stars of each side, like pictured. Use the other 4 stars on layout. Repeat to mimic on the right side.

From the Brave paper pack there is a blue sheet with the words BRAVE, HONOR, PROUD TO, and PROTECT on one side and with the green on other side with tanks, ships, planes and helicopters. Using your scissors cut out words.  I used personal trimmer to trim them up to be straighter. The word BRAVE I cut each letter out individually. Then using scissors cut out planes and ship.  Use foam squares to make jets pop off page. 

Use your scissors to trim the Chevron Border to make a flag-like border. Leave the two rows (reminding me of military stripes) and mount behind the letters of BRAVE.  The red and blue lines where drawn on page to look like a ribbon, the multi-tip pens are included in the "Pens & Pouch".

There is another great piece of paper in the Star-Spangled Paper Pack that has a collection of words and sayings.  This is where the "Made In The U.S.A." and the heart are from.  Using your scissors trim out the heart and attach it to a piece of blue. The sample is 3"x 31/2" to match the size of photo trimmed next to it. I hope this post inspired you to create a spectacular layout for your Patriotic photos.🎆🎇

If you like these post and do not want to miss future post add your email in "FOLLOW BY EMAIL", you'll only receive emails when I post on the blog here.  For more information about these GREAT Creative Memories products used in this project you can find on my website www.creativememories.com/user/CandaceBouldin  

Of course, if you don't already have a Creative Memories Advisor, I'd be LOVE to be your personal Creative Memories Advisor.  If you'd like to join my team and earn products like these at discount, click on this link to Join my team! Or ask my how! Thanks again for stopping by! 

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Fun scrapbook borders with the New Chevron border maker cartridge from Creative Memories

Fun borders with Chevron punch, I LOVE this punch. I thought I'd share my borders. I love it when you can do so much with ONE punch so here's my take on a couple borders.

To make this fun border you'll need the
•Chevron Border Maker cartridge
•Scallop Border Maker Cartridge
•Daisy Chain Border Maker Cartridge
•Free stand Daisy Bouquet punch (In "Going Gone" area)
•New Solid Leaf Green Cardstock
•Black Cardstock
Using black paper cut out a border with the Chevron Border Maker cartridge. Then with straight trimmer, trim that page to 2". Then reposition paper in the guide of border maker system, to cut the opposite side. You'll notice that there isn't enough paper to hold in in place with arm so I used a sticky note attached to 2" paper on the Chevron side.

After you punch out you'll have a border like #1
I place them on New Solid Leaf Green Cardstock so it would pop out. Then using my Creative Memories scissors I trimmed the first "V" on Chevron all the way across, giving a wider Chevron.

Border #2 Cut out another Chevron Border with Border Maker cartridge and trimmed the top of with scissors to look like as pictured.

Border #3 Cut out border with Daisy Chain Border Maker Cartridge. The smaller Daisy's are from Free stand Daisy Bouquet punch (In "Going Gone" area) The center of the flowers is from another border that I cut out with the Daisy Chain Border Maker Cartridge, it made for them smaller dots but you could use dots left over from the Scallop Border Maker Cartridge for centers. You can use Precision Point adhesive pen or the Repositional tape runner to secure these to the Border.

To make the border you take Border #2 and place on top of Border #1. Then take border #3 and put it on top of border #2

While getting creative with the punch, I cut this strip off and looked over while it was lying next to me and it looked like little girls in a row.  Add the extra circles from Scallop Dot Border Maker cartridge, another of my favorite cartridges, for the heads. I just cut straight across with my scissors at top of first row of "V". I'd love to see someone use the Little Lamb Collection and make these dresses/body with that paper.
Who's up for the CHALLENGE??

All these product can be ordered in my website www.creativememories.com/user/CandaceBouldin

Monday, February 5, 2018

Good Morning, Candace Bouldin from Scrapin Jpegs with your border Monday. 
Today I thought I'd brighten your day with flowers. Who doesn't love flowers?


I used the New Daisy Bouquet Punch to create these borders along with the Cake My Day paper pack, in Going Gone area on Creative Memories website. The New Daisy Bouquet Punch is a free standing punch so you could essentially punch anywhere along the outer border of a page. Eyeballing, you slide the punch to make it appears as a seamless border. The first border I did is with paper from the Cake My Day and backed with white paper. Then using the Doily border punch, another free stand alone punch and cut out one border and used scissors to cut in half, putting mimicking border on each side. If you wanted to punch out two you could but this saves paper and time.
The second border is same technique. Literally, this green is the back side of floral print paper. Then I punched out flowers in hot pink, pink, white, yellow and layered them on top of each other as shown. The light green and the black are the pieces from Cake My Day that you punched out to make the base. The darling border at bottom is the Dancing Daisy border maker cartridge.

How would you use these borders or techniques in your scrapbooks? I can see them with a Mother's day page, Spring, and Easter pages.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Border Maker Monday by Creative Memories Advisor Candace Bouldin

Hello, Candace Bouldin from Scrapin Jpeps here with your fun #BorderMakerMonday

First border was inspired by a post on our Advisor page by Karen Mahoney.  If your not yet an advisor I'd recommend now is the time to sign up. You'll see many inspiring ideas like this only there.
Sign-up as an Advisor for $49.00
Receive a Product Certificate ($10.00)
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You will also receive a Coverset ($35.50)
New cost to you: $3.50
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Your cost: $11.50
I'd love to have you join my team.

I used the Victorian fence, stand alone punch for base. The snowbanks were created using the decorative trimmer. I cut one out with the cloud blue card stock and two in white. Using pop-up dots, I popped up the white layer on top of the blue and the other white as the base on top of the fence. I used some inking on the edge to give it depth. The Greenery was created using the leaf Trio punch, another free-standing punch. The berries I use the bubble maker border maker cartridge. You'll definitely need a repositional tape runner refill for this project or a fine tip glue pen.
The second border I use the Victorian fence again for the base. The Pumpkins border is our newest border maker cartridge. The greenery in the background is from the Gardenvine border maker cartridge. I hope this finds you inspired to try out the newest. Happy Scrappin'

If you would like to be part of my team or have any questions, please feel free to email me at ScrapinJpegs at gmail dot com


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sketchy Page Challenge using Creative Memories "Stash"

 Good Afternoon everyone! Candace with Scrapin Jpegs here with my version of page sketch challenge from Creative Scrapbooking Sketchy Challenge 
Christmas style!

For this layout I used the Creative Memories Jewel Christmas Additions for the "pie" pieces. The journal "pie" base was an old poinsettia paper. Used Creative Memories journal pen to draw "stitches" along outer edge of pie pieces.
"Christmas Traditions" is from Christmas Joy mat pack and used corner rounder on corners.
The base I used the Evergreen Border Maker Cartridge and punched outter edger of a 12x12 piece of paper.
The "light bulbs" border was created using the Vine Border Maker Cartridge, this is only item still avaiable for purchase. Cut out 5 borders out in colors, I used black as base and red, green, yellow and blue used for bulbs. Use your repositionable tape runner and run along the back of each border then using your scissors trim the leaves off and attach to Black strip. I used Stickles, glitter glue on "bulbs" to make it look like they are twinkling. If you don't have or want to use Stickles you could draw lines with silver pen?

Head over to Facebook page CreativeLifeScrapbooking to see my friends version of this sketch!
Please share how our sketches are inspiring you and hashtag your photos #CLSSketchChallenge #SketchyChallenge