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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Fun scrapbook borders with the New Chevron border maker cartridge from Creative Memories

Fun borders with Chevron punch, I LOVE this punch. I thought I'd share my borders. I love it when you can do so much with ONE punch so here's my take on a couple borders.

To make this fun border you'll need the
•Chevron Border Maker cartridge
•Scallop Border Maker Cartridge
•Daisy Chain Border Maker Cartridge
•Free stand Daisy Bouquet punch (In "Going Gone" area)
•New Solid Leaf Green Cardstock
•Black Cardstock
Using black paper cut out a border with the Chevron Border Maker cartridge. Then with straight trimmer, trim that page to 2". Then reposition paper in the guide of border maker system, to cut the opposite side. You'll notice that there isn't enough paper to hold in in place with arm so I used a sticky note attached to 2" paper on the Chevron side.

After you punch out you'll have a border like #1
I place them on New Solid Leaf Green Cardstock so it would pop out. Then using my Creative Memories scissors I trimmed the first "V" on Chevron all the way across, giving a wider Chevron.

Border #2 Cut out another Chevron Border with Border Maker cartridge and trimmed the top of with scissors to look like as pictured.

Border #3 Cut out border with Daisy Chain Border Maker Cartridge. The smaller Daisy's are from Free stand Daisy Bouquet punch (In "Going Gone" area) The center of the flowers is from another border that I cut out with the Daisy Chain Border Maker Cartridge, it made for them smaller dots but you could use dots left over from the Scallop Border Maker Cartridge for centers. You can use Precision Point adhesive pen or the Repositional tape runner to secure these to the Border.

To make the border you take Border #2 and place on top of Border #1. Then take border #3 and put it on top of border #2

While getting creative with the punch, I cut this strip off and looked over while it was lying next to me and it looked like little girls in a row.  Add the extra circles from Scallop Dot Border Maker cartridge, another of my favorite cartridges, for the heads. I just cut straight across with my scissors at top of first row of "V". I'd love to see someone use the Little Lamb Collection and make these dresses/body with that paper.
Who's up for the CHALLENGE??

All these product can be ordered in my website www.creativememories.com/user/CandaceBouldin

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